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    With the ability to connect with customers via the web or mobile solution, Undique allows customer information to be sourced quickly and in a targeted manner.

    Undique makes it easy to engage with people and understand every point of view. Simple.

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About Undique

Everyone sees things differently. That’s why we developed Undique.

Got a question? Need an opinion? Undique is the fastest, easiest way to collect information and understand every point of view.

Unlock the power of feedback and create action from information today.

Undique Features

Fully Managed Feedback Service
Let us do the work. Working closely with you, we set up the service, run it, compile results and then provide them to you. Easy.
Agile Set Up
Time and opinion moves quickly. Undique has been developed to make feedback collection as fast as you need it to be.
Information can be sourced from anywhere, anytime. Undique gives you the reach of web and mobile capability.
We developed the solution. We know exactly what it can do.

Mobile App

Undique caters for Android and Apple devices.
Easy To Use
The Undique application has been designed for ease of use, is non-invasive and allows rapid fire feedback collection.
Application Access
The Undique mobile application is easy to download and ready for your audience when you are.

Contact Us

We would love to talk to you about what Undique can do for you and your customers. Please drop us a note and we will be right in touch

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